Company Overview

Company Overview

Company Overview

We have been developing and improving dry cleaning technologies
for over 20 years

Our dry-cleaning technology is applied on producing high-tech products such as semiconductor, display, smart phone and etc. In the global market, its excellent performance is proven by numerous customers.
We provide customers with solutions that use laser and COinstead of water or chemical to remove different types of foreign matters or particles coming from the process of manufacturing the high-tech products.

Advantages of Dry Cleaning Technology

Advantages of dry cleaning technology
  • Eco-friendly cleaning without using chemicals/water
  • Fast cleaning for higher productivity
  • Safe cleaning without damages on product
  • Compact design with small footprint
  • Economical cleaning with low cost of ownership


Proven applications

Proven applications


  • Semiconductor test socket and probe card cleaning
  • Semiconductor package Mold Cleaning to remove EMC residue
  • Semiconductor Process equipment parts cleaning
  • Oxide film and Surface dirt removal before welding (Secondary battery)
  • Oxide film and Surface dirt removal before and after automobile parts welding
  • Rust, primer, and paint removal in the Heavy Industry (Shipbuilding, Aerospace)


  • Surface cleaning before LCD/OLED display AOI test
  • Particle removal in Lamination Process of the smart phone display Assembly
  • Particle removal in Assembly of the smart phone camera
  • Burr removal in precision parts and injection molded parts
  • Surface cleaning before coating/painting process of high-end parts
  • Residue removal after Laser Processing (cutting/marking/repair)

In addition to the applications above, we are meeting the various demands of the global market by developing the surface cleaning technology for the high-tech products.